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Background & Overview of the Union

In Setswana ipusa means independent. Incidentally, the Independent Policing Union of South Africa (“IPUSA”) was born out of the need to establish a trade union whose primary goal is to serve the interests of its members whilst functioning completely independent from political and the employer’s influences.

IPUSA was established in 2021 by the individuals who have vast experience in collective bargaining. Many of which have previously held senior positions within the current majority police unions and within the Policing departments. These are men and women who can attest to the fact that the best interests of the majority of the members are not safeguarded at all times in the current system, owing to lack of independent functioning.

It is therefore the mission of IPUSA to safeguard the interests of its members at all times, whilst functioning independently from political and the employer’s influences.


IPUSA’s vision is to see all the members of the SAPS at all times:


The mission of IPUSA is to function independently from political influence and influences by the employer, whilst at the same time ensuring that our members’ interests are safeguarded at all times. Hence our motto is “Our Members are our Interest”.

Core Values of the Union

The main reason you should join IPUSA is because we guarantee that your interests will be safeguarded at all times. However, over and above this, you should join IPUSA because we subscribe to the following five core values:


We are independent from the employer’s and/or political influence. Only your best interests matter to us.


We are transparent in dealings with our members.


We take responsibility to ensure that your Interests are safeguarded at all times.


Your grievances, departmental matters, SSSBC matters and/or court cases will be dealt with professionally, by our competent officials and/or lawyers.


We act as a team in partnership with our members, in order to ensure that the unique needs of our members are satisfied.

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