Agreement 1/2020 Restructuring in the SAPS

Every department must use its resources sparingly as the country grapple with COVID pandemic

Saps is struggling to fight crime as we speak and with scarce resources. Restructuring is too expensive. Where will they get the money to do this

The movement of people is also restricted under level 3.

The moral of the police is also very low and restructuring in itself, is confrontational. This will lead to more members being unhappy and plunging their morals to the lowest.

The nascom is left with 24 months and contract comes to an end. Why not wait for the COVID to subside and allow the new Nascom to asses and do restructuring if necessary?

We as Ipusa are opposed to this restructuring at this moment. We are also opposed to labour sitting on the matching and placement committees as members will have no one to represent them should disputes arise.

This is the worst agreement signed post 1994. The Nascom abdicating his responsibilities to Unions!! Signing an agreement on consultative issues?? It is the management prorogative to manage the service. This damages is irreversible. The doctrine of functus officio applies here. Someone must come and address this mistake. Worse to this is the sitting of unions on the matching and placement committee. When a dispute arise, who is going to assist members as the courts will simply say you are party to it.

This improper relationship between unions and employer is deafening. Members again at the receiving end. We are struggling to reverse expeditious process which is misused by employer to target those they are viewed as their adversaries. Now this?? Amen!!

This will also be costly to the service as this movement of personnel will be on the behest of the employer. If members are in excess, will be retrenched!!

Who is going to represent them if dissatisfied with the process if union are forming part of the decisions to place them ??

Go and check what happened with correctional services. To date issues are still bad because unions placed their own in position power!!