IPUSA is calling on the unit commander for 10111 Midrand to be removed

Ipusa is enormously concerned about the sorry state of our 10111s, this emanates from an incident in Gauteng 10111 on Friday the 28th of July where there was a gas smoke caused by a cracked pipe while a technician was busy filling up gas for the Air conditioners.

What is of major concern to Ipusa is that no proper evacuation procedures were followed with members running amok not knowing the demarcated emergency exit doors and health of our members, most specially those living with comorbidities were left at risk. Few members encountered medical conditions and had to be released to receive medical attention. Ipusa is relieved that no serious medical concerns have been received so far but we will continue to monitor the situation. There was no line of command to ensure safe exit for the members.

What is of equal concern to Ipusa is that the Citizens of Gauteng were again left stranded with no one answering their calls from around 14h25 up to around 23h00 and Ipusa reiterates its past call for the decentralization of the 10111 Command Centre. The Gauteng 10111 has two so-called back-up centres, one in Benoni and one in Brixton, these centres were fully functioning during Covid19 and have been deserted ever since. What is even more puzzling is that the Gauteng 10111 centre is under-resourced with no working equipment while those two back-up centres are left to be white elephants while our members are overwhelmed with workload and are being purged for raising their concerns and our communities continue to suffer as they are not being serviced. Is there any will from Saps to combat crime in this country? The 10111 Command Centre has been dysfunctional for far too long and nothing has been done to turnaround this dire situation.

We would like to get a comprehensive report on what happened with the gas smoke at Gauteng 10111 and in the meanwhile, the two called back-up centres must be always utilized to compensate the failing Gauteng 10111 Command Centre.

During this crisis, the unit commander, as usual, has done absolutely nothing to offer directions as to what need to happen to ensure that service delivery to our communities continues unhampered. Members made their own discretionary decisions to deploy the staff to those two back up centres so that they continue and service South Africans.

The unit commander sow seeds of division amongst the members and management and make statement which suggest that what’s happening at the centre is staged. He does not visit the site to assess the situation to get firsthand information. On several occasions he blamed the National for all the wrong things which are happening in the centre.

IPUSA is calling on the Management to consider deploying other official as it is clear that the current commander lacks the capacity to lead the Unit.

At the time of writing this statement, the unit remain closed.

Issued by IPUSA
Bethuel Nephtal Nkuna
072 741 7857


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