At the time when the services of the police are needed most, is the time when saps management treat them like trash. These men and women in blue are providing an essential service to South Africans. They sacrifice their leaves to be with their loved ones in order to avail themselves to protect lives and properties of all South Africans. However, senior management finds this as an opportune time to exploit them using discipline to intimidate and force them to accept to work under conditions which aren’t conducive for human beings to work in. Ipusa rejects this and call upon Saps to address the policy on subsistence and travelling allowances to be bettered. This policy is old and need a revamp.

We know that the current policy seeks to address the issue of discipline amongst the file and ranks by providing different benefits between the two. However, it is un acceptable for saps management to lower the standard of where members come from, to a poor sleeping condition as IPUSA witnessed at the lodge members we booked in to maintain security at the national roads during this festive season. That place doesn’t conform to regulations enacted to curve the spread of corona virus.

IPUSA also calls on management to provide advances as they do to planned trips and events as these operations are conducted every year and members are informed in advance through a call up instructions or mobilization order. Giving full details of what, who, how, and when are the going for that deployment. We believe that this event is budgeted for and members can be paid in advance and claim against the advance after their return as opposed to spending their money and claim later because they take time to pay them. For example, the claim for July unrest has only been paid to members now in December. This will eliminate the suffering our police officials go through during deployments. Hot food served by saps are of low quality as opposed to food served to their colleagues from traffic and army who are at the same as they are. At times they share with them their food as they wait for theirs to arrive.

IPUSA is currently finalizing the collective grievances submitted by our members and those who aren’t so that we can engage Saps management at National in good faith with the aim of not seeing the repeat in future. We also call upon our members not adhere to calls made to go and replace those send home so that they (saps) can start to learn to respect you and the job you do. Members are deployed and are issued with the deployment order and if they decide to remove them should be done in writing as well.

We saw policing pre 1994 and we don’t want to see those things now post 1994. IPUSA is proud of the unthankable job our men and women in blue are doing day in and day out, to ensure safety and security to all our inhabitance in this country.

Issued by IPUSA

Bethuel Nkuna
072 741 7857

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