The continuous attacks and killings of police officials in South Africa is now an endemic and should be declared by the powers that be as such. The country cannot continue as though it is business as usual, whereas our men and women in blue continue to be slaughtered on daily basis.

IPUSA condemns the recent brutal killings of Detective Warrant Officer JJ Ndlovu and Data Typist B Manqele who were shot at Mjita Spaza shop in Jabulani on Tuesday evening. We send our deepest condolences to our fallen heroes and heroine’s families. As IPUSA, we continue with our appeal to the public and the communities at large to cooperate and work with the police in ensuring that these ruthless criminals are brought to book.

IPUSA also appeals to the top management of the SAPS to thoroughly relook at demilitarisation of the SAPS, and to make the SAPS a people-centered organisation. The SAPS should be working hand in hand with communities, civil societies, businesses, and Community Policing Forums, so we can become a united front fighting together against criminals. As it currently stands, it seems we are at war against each other.

IPUSA is aware that the public has lost confidence in the police hence we call upon the SAPS to thoroughly introspect the way it operates. There are glaring public concerns regarding the military system employed by the SAPS, and this is causing a further strain in the relationship between the police and the public. A professionalised police system will ensure that the SAPS is a people-centered organisation, which society can trust and work with, in combating crime.

Issued by:
Bethuel Nkuna
072 741 7857

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