Police Killing Must Stop!

The killing of Police officials is a serious and a continuing problem. The brutal killing of Sergeant Sharon Mogale over the weekend, who was disarmed and shot at point blank range in Tembisa, makes it necessary to call for a STOP on police killings, as IPUSA we condemn and rebuke this kind of criminality that is meted out to Police Officials who have pledged their lives to protect the very community that is attacking them!Society needs to start to comprehend that Police Officials are there for Society’s protection and safety and therefore need to work hand in hand with the Police to ensure that these barbaric criminals who are killing the Police are brought to book and face the full might of the law.IPUSA also notes that this is not just an isolated incident but also points to the total lack of managerial and tactical planning from Saps management when one looks at recent attacks at Kuruman police station last month where lack of Personnel proved to be the utmost reason for criminals to exploit the situation as only two Police Officers were on duty where one has to be at the Csc alone and worse a female and the other as to be on the road patrolling, lots of ammunition was taken by the criminals, of which IPUSA then asks a question as to how long should our members continue to risk their lives at the hands of a double sword: Criminals on one hand, which are aided by lack of strategic leadership and total lack of tactical and intelligence leadership by people placed in positions to lead Saps.IPUSA cannot tolerate a situation whereby members’ lives are at the mercy of merciless criminals while the powers that be are ignorantly not caring about our members’ lives. Poor managerial supervision at station and unit level is also one that put police officials’ lives at risk where police safety measures are not properly followed. IPUSA calls on the community and society at large to cooperate and work hand in hand with the police to eradicate crime and to report these criminals to the police. We also call on Saps Management to improve their managerial supervision to ensure that police safety measures are properly followed.

Issued by PresidentBethuel Nkuna

072 741 7857

General SecretaryMpho Kwinika

083 453 0605

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