Zandspruit mob justice is clear evidence of lack of proactive policing.

Proactive policing is unfortunately continuing to fail under the current management of the SAPS. IPUSA has noted with great disbelief the situation in Zandspruit that has left 5 people dead and others fighting for their lives in hospital. This violent and cruel attack and killing of these would be suspects is believed to have been carried out by the community. This is a call for concern as it clearly demonstrate that the community has lost faith in our Police and the criminal justice system. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, it points to a complete lack of effective intelligence within the police. Should the police been proactive and used intelligence, these senseless killings would have been prevented.

The high rate of crime that is escalating throughout the country is as a result of the SAPS neglecting its primary duty to the society, which is crime prevention. It is also discouraging to see that there are no plans to prevent crime as the stats have shown that Priority Crimes are on the increase.

Unfortunately, the intelligence family which must help gather information to prevent crimes such as these from happening, is absent. The current conflict between the NASCOM and the National Head of Crime Intelligence is but one of the many contributing factors. Instead of using intelligence resources for their rightful purpose, they use it to gather dirt against each other and for their factions.

IPUSA would like to commend our dedicated men and women in blue who are serving South Africans under this difficult situation, with lack of support from top management and lack of resources.

It is clear that South Africa is where it is because of Reactive policing. Only after there has been a crime committed, do you start seeing police all over. This is being reactive and not proactive. IPUSA is all for Proactive policing. Phambili Siyaya!!

 Issued by IPUSA

(Treasurer) Bethuel Nephtal Nkuna

 072 741 7857

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