We have learned that our members in Gauteng Traffic are working without full protection gear, uniform, and some are serving an unreasonably long probation period. Normally, a probation period is for 3 months and not 3 years.

We have further learned that our members are being paid a stipend of between R3500 and R4500 monthly. We are opposed to this! And we call upon the authorities to treat employees with humility and dignity so that in return, they get the best out of them. 

It is discouraging that while officers on probation for 3 years are earning less and are also the ones who are exposed to high risks outside, the permanently employed officers are earning handsome salaries and are not exposed to high risk. The probation officers are also not allowed to work outside the normal hours in order to earn more, and the reason given is that they are ‘hardliners’

There are also allegations of unfair discrimination in that some officers are taken for courses at the college whereas some are not. This is done solely to advance the financial interests of those who are taken to college at the expense of those who are not, as those who are taken to college will be more qualified upon completion, and will earn more. IPUSA rebukes this kind of divide and rule. Not during this time and age of OUR democracy! 

Metro and traffic police services are a command-and-control environment and one expect that those who are in senior positions should provide leadership objectively and not subjectively.

IPUSA is calling upon all the members to give us the mandate to take up these matters with the relevant authorities.

Issued by IPUSA

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