IPUSA leadership wants to take this opportunity and thank you, our members, for being patient with us. Many of you phoned us wanting to know when is the Union going to deduct membership fees. Your request has been answered.

IPUSA have launched its first stop order deductions as a test run, which will reflect on your salary advise this month end. Why small sample, to ensure perfection. Thereafter, we will launch the remainder.

If this process gives us some glitches, we will have to opt for debit order facilities to deduct membership fees. These deductions Shall not take place until other union deductions are cancelled. Should there be double deductions, we undertake to rectify this immediately

Those who were paying directly to union’s bank account, should their stop order go through this month end, those extra membership fees Shall be refunded.

Let’s continue walk together in this journey of building a very strong, independent and formidable worker organization which is not influenced by politicians and management.

“Our members are our interest”

Contact persons

Bethuel Nkuna
072 741 7857

General Secretary
Mpho Kwinika
083 453 0605

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